Event Announcements! 

2020-2021 Season

Gilbert and Sullivan in the Rocket City! 

Fri, April 9:  7pm- Botanical Garden
Sat, April 10: 2pm- Botanical Garden
Sun, April 11: 7pm- Burritt on the Mountain

Gilbert and Sullivan in Rocket City explores the famous G&S operas in today’s world by creating a production in and about Huntsville.  This show combines some of G&S’s best-known pieces such as Three Little Maids, The Matter Trio, and Poor Wandr’ing One with brand new, clever dialogue by G&S lover and expert, Jaie Deschene.  Tailor-made for Encore Opera Huntsville, the three little maids transform into three little engineering nerds from UAH.  The nerds wander through Rocket City building robots, spaceships, and, of course, looking for love. Hilarity ensues.


Opera Bytes are live-streamed mini performances brought to you by Encore Opera Huntsville. These online performances are less than 30 minutes in length and filled with beautiful music. The inaugural Opera Bytes performance will be February 9, 2021. The link will be released on all of our social media platforms and via our website.

Opera Bytes

The Bremen Traveling Musicians

Encore Opera Huntsville is dedicated to community engagement. We are pleased to announce our current traveling show.

The Bremen Town Musicians, presented by Encore Opera Huntsville, is an operatic version of The Town Musicians of Bremen written for children. This somewhat silly production includes the music by famous opera composers such as J. Offenbach, G. Rossini, G. Donizetti, A. Sullivan and G. Verdi. This lighthearted production introduces students to opera in a way that is both enjoyable and inspiring. Working together as a team, a group of animals overcome difficult circumstances. The newly formed Bremen Town Musicians celebrate the idea that friendship, cooperation, and respect for others is far better than facing problems alone.

 The first performance will be in partnership with Opera on the Mountain: Learning through the Arts at Burritt on the Mountain. 

May 6 -- 10:00 am - 11:30 am


For more information Visit Burritt on the Mountain website 


Bravo! Bravo! Gala Fundraiser - Summer 2021

More details coming soon!